Announcing my eBook, BREATHING MACHINE: A Memoir of Computers

I’ve written a small ebook called BREATHING MACHINE, a memoir of growing up alongside mysterious computers, primitive adventures, and the advent of the bizarre internet. This is my first attempt to challenge myself to write something more long-form, and it’s also some of the most personal writing I’ve ever done.

If you’re nostalgic for, or curious about those early days of discovery in tech when everything felt like a magic door was just around the corner, if you miss your AOL and CompuServe friends, if you think about Usenet or the Apple IIe, or if you, like me, found out about yourself by questing in these strange, tactile, unfinished spaces, I think there’s something in the book for you.

I’m excited to announce that BREATHING MACHINE is now available for preorder from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Google play. It’ll download now exclusively for iBooks users, and will be available on the 22nd on all other platforms, and I hope you’ll check it out.

I don’t sell many things to my readers — this is the first thing in my eight-year career writing about games, virtual worlds, social media and internet culture — so if you’ve enjoyed my work, a purchase would be a much-appreciated way for you to support me. Your Tweets, shares and signal boosting would also be warmly appreciated. And if you work for an outlet and are interested in blurbing or reviewing BREATHING MACHINE in some capacity, please email leighalexander1 at gmail.

I’m excited to share this with you! Thank you so much for your readership.