Let's imagine a new world.

I’m Leigh Alexander, a multi-disciplinary writer working at the intersection of technology, culture and narrative. Whether I’m creating fiction about digital society, writing editorial from the front lines of a new media dystopia, or designing stories for video games, my work pays homage to the raw, surprising moments that emerge from systems.

As a narrative designer, I make high-level worldbuilding and thematic concepts for interactive experiences, games and emerging platforms. I also write dialogue, for simple scenes and procedural systems alike. My futurist fiction projects draw on the ten years I spent as a journalist online and in print, during which I drew fire as a progressive games critic and worked as a tech industry columnist and presenter.

I’m influenced by vintage text adventures, reality TV, psychedelic folk, the malaise of the 90s, the space-age poptimism of the Y2k era, anti-fascism, interfaces, tarot, Sailormoon, technomancy, and children’s television. Where sinister architectures and troubled ecosystems are found, I create.

I’ve been working in interactive entertainment and digital culture for a decade, and my work has been nominated for Game Developers Choice Awards, BAFTA Game, Independent Game Festival, Golden Joystick and Develop Awards, among others. Many current projects are unannounced, but you can browse a few of my favorite recent credits here, regularly updated.

Illustration for short story


Want to work together?

If you’re looking for worldbuilding, story design, dialog writing, or narrative design expertise, I’m available either on a contract basis or for longer-term exclusive relationships. I can design consulting solutions that fit any budget, whatever your storytelling or communications needs, and I’m also available for ongoing presenting work and compensated speaking engagements.

I’m based in Brighton, UK, but most often work remotely. Reach out via leighalexander 1 at gmail, and let’s see what we can do.