The future should be different already.

I’m Leigh Alexander, an award-winning writer working at the intersection of technology and storytelling. I’m a narrative designer for video games, I write fiction about post-reality and the future, and I create and consult across a wide range of interactive media about ways to tell stories better through design.

I’ve been working in interactive entertainment and digital culture for over a decade, and I won the 2019 award for Best Writing in a Video Game from the esteemed Writers Guild of Great Britain for Reigns: Her Majesty. My work has also been nominated in the Game Developers Choice Awards, BAFTA Game Awards, Independent Game Festival, Golden Joystick and Develop Awards, among others. I spent ten years as a progressive critic, website editor and presenter in technology and games, usually controversially (oops), and my work is still concerned with the complexities of existing in digital spaces.

I’m passionate about and influenced by: Text adventures, reality television, music videos, consumer aesthetics (especially the space-age poptimism of Y2k), Tarot and other systems of prediction, genre blends and remixes, technomancy, malls, cultural garbage, Sailormoon, The Thong Song and magical realism.

Many of my current projects are unannounced, but a selection of some of my favorite representative works are here.

Illustration for short story


Want to work together?

I’m always looking for new opportunities to lead story on agile narrative-led games and TV projects. If you’re looking for worldbuilding, character design, dialog writing, or narrative expertise, I’m available either on a contract basis or for longer-term exclusive relationships. I work as a consultant on a wide variety of story and design concerns, and I’m also available for ongoing presenting work and compensated speaking engagements.

I’m based in Brighton, UK and currently work remote-only. Reach out via leighalexander 1 at gmail, and let’s see what we can do.