Announcing Mona, an illustrated short story

unnamedI’m excited to announce the next piece in my series of self-published projects: Mona, a work of short fiction inspired loosely by Silent Hill 2. It’s a story about a monstrous woman, ambition and the hunger for love.

It’s about six thousand words of prose, starring illustrations by Emily Carroll, one of my favorite artists. You may know her wonderful recent horror anthology Through the Woods, or perhaps you remember her work from the Yawhg.  I’m thrilled and honored to get to work with her, and her visual imagination brings the undercurrent of the story to vivid life.

Mona releases digitally on Gumroad on Valentine’s day starting at $2 or pay what you want. There’ll also be a $5+ option that includes a quality audio recording of the full text by me. All proceeds go directly to me with revenue share for Emily, with a view toward helping build sustainability and an ecosystem in which I can also pay other people. Strong sales mean we’ll consider printing and selling a physical version in future. Look for the live link on the day of love.

Mark your calendars. Mona wants to meet you.