I am, I have, and I do

Hi friends,

Taking it a bit easy this week after travel, talks, workshops and things last week. First I was in Helsinki — you may have seen video of the talk I gave on games and “pop alternative” culture. Failing that, you might have seen some transcription of the Q&A, which has circulated widely because of the men who attempted to ‘challenge’ me with disgruntled questions.

It wasn’t their best moment.

I also went to Malta to kick off the Global Game Jam there and to give a workshop to the students on getting their work out there onto the world stage a bit more. I fell in love with the cross-disciplinary, close-knit game development community there — on a small island, having to get along and work together is the default, and people come up with unique combinations for unexpected skills.

The game that won the jury prize was a solo board game about reaching your peak in life, and how you go on after that. It’s called The Mountain and you can download the basic files to try print-and-play, or at least see how it works. I hope they go forward with it.

It was weird traveling among speaking engagements knowing there was some creepy thread about my every engagement. As a child I thought flying around the world as a “notorious criminal” would be elegant. I recorded the newest Lo-Fi Let’s Play — Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego — in the Helsinki airport, and as flight calls and rolling luggage sound went by in the background, I talked about some of these feelings.  There’ve definitely been some more Lo-Fi Let’s Plays since last we talked, including Emmanuelle: A Game of Eroticism (if you can call it that), and you can catch up on my channel whenever you like.

I heard about  a weird new ring that can tell you when “he” is going to text, among other superhero powers. I wrote about our close relationship to our smartphones and what happens when wearables solve the wrong problem for Medium’s Re:Form channel.

Finally, you may have already seen the announcement, but my next digital project, Mona, will release on Valentine’s Day. It’s a short story inspired by Silent Hill 2 with illustrations by the inimitable Emily Carroll. Like Clipping Through it’ll be released on Gumroad. Stay tuned.

Next week I’m in Belgium at the Screenshake festival, and then I’m finally coming home to New York City for IndieCade, where I play host to the Great Global Design Debate, where Mattie Brice, Nick Fortugno, Mohini Freya Dutta and Naomi Clark will debate games and cultural imperalism and more.