I’ll keep you posted

I’ve been traveling for so long that being in New York City, the place I called home for almost 11 years, is surreal. It’s so cold here! Can a little time abroad really have struck from my memory the record of how cold it can get — this grid full of brick and glass wind-tunnels, the ice trenches that form in the crosswalks, the filthy, towering snow-mountains on every corner?

In my last post I talked a little bit about the travels and conferences I’ve been up to. Since I’ve gotten back to my little underground home annals here in the city I’ve mostly been recharging, but there’s still some news for you!

Excitingly, MONA, my newest self-published work, is now out. It’s a short story with illustrations by the award-winning, amazing Emily Carroll, and you can check it out on Gumroad — I’ve also set up an Itch.io page for those of you that like to pay with PayPal. Mona is part urban “moral horror” story, part game criticism, and I’m super grateful to all of you who are interested in and support my experimental work.

I’m also proud to have contributed to the launch of Hopes&Fears, a sweet new culture publication, with a piece on that Law & Order episode about us. 

I also wrote a piece for Medium’s ReForm channel about Ringly, the glamorous piece of wearable tech that solves the wrong problem. It’s called “Let’s Ignore Each Other Together“, and I think you might like it.

In just about a week I head out to SF for GDC. That means it’s the one-year anniversary of the experiences that led to last year’s little book, Clipping Through. I’ll keep you posted.