Monday Links, 10-13-04

The sky is white and it’s raining, and there are bright northern parakeets flitting among the wet autumn trees. They’re called rose-ringed parakeets, and their tails fan out when they fly, bright yellow on one side, vivid blue on the other. They will be here even into the winter.

I did a new Lo-Fi Let’s Play at Rock Paper Shotgun. The Colonel’s Bequest is one of my favorite adventure games, and it’s perfect for October, when — let’s be real — spooky manors are in. I’m seriously considering recording a full-length video of a scary old game as a Halloween present for you, and that game is one of the candidates!

As Twin Peaks is set to return in 2016, I wrote an article about the series at Boing Boing, in search of a modern context for it. Why did my generation suddenly turn around and get ‘into’ it? What’s its role in a television (and social) climate where we don’t so readily see small-town police as ‘good guys’ anymore?

Twine creator Chris Klimas never expected the revolution in game creation the tool would launch. Here, we talk about the beta of version 2.0 and what’s next — including ways to reach even more people and public computers.

Last year I got very into A Dark Room, and creator Doublespeak Games has a new puzzle sure to keep you nurturing a single browser tab. I did an interview with creator Michael Townsend about his work, and his fascination with the supply chain.

Buying Clipping Through, my book about the games industry, is currently the best way to support me and my colleague Liz Ryerson, who designed the cover and contributed an afterword. At a time when most women have to talk themselves into feeling like it’s worth it to do this work, I gotta be honest — money starts to become more compelling than ‘you’re doing the right thing!’ If you want to hear an audio chapter of Clipping Through before you buy, my colleague Ann Scantlebury helped me record one at RNIB Talking Book Studios.

However, I’m doing great, and I appreciate all the support. Here is some more exciting news — I’m going to be joining the Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast in the coming weeks, beginning as a contributor with a view toward hopefully becoming a presenter soon. So there’ll be yet another venue where we can find each other.

Over the past month or so I’ve been in TIME, on NPR, talked at two conferences, my criticism and my editorial stance reached the New York Times, The Week, and many others. Ultimately I think the episodes of the last several weeks will be viewed by history as an important turning point in conversations about games and tech culture — and that I and  the people and causes I care about will only have more opportunities as a result of all this in the end.