Monday links, 11-3-04

Did everyone have an excellent Halloween? I’m not sure if more adults are increasingly participating in costume-partying or whether social media just makes it look that way. I spent mine at GameCity — some other great games people and I wrote in a ‘Live Text Adventures‘ event that was just incredible fun.

It’s a bit tough to explain: each author (Kieron Gillen, Chris Avellone, James Moran, Zoe Quinn, Ian Livingstone and I!) is one-on-one with a user, and we’re writing them the text game as they play it (ends up looking a bit like this!) Each of us writes a basically similar set of puzzles and circumstances, though they evolve in our own way, and there’s a room of people watching the games play out live. When someone’s turn ends with the game, the next player tries to get a little further.  I could have done it for hours.

It makes me sad how few of your average game players today have the vocabulary required for text adventures. I wrote about that in some more depth at the Guardian recently as I covered this year’s Interactive Fiction competition — learn about the medium and try some of the games!

You absolutely need to play through Creatures Such As We — it’s a space dating sim about space dating sims, the game industry and what players want from narrative games. Yes, it’s about all those things, and it’s very touching. If you like Mass Effect and things like that you mustn’t miss this!

One of the reasons I do my Lo-Fi Let’s Play video series is to try to keep the art and structure of adventures and verbal games alive. With a little help from Shut Up & Sit Down‘s Quintin Smith, I recorded a Halloween special, my first full-length playthrough! It’s The Colonel’s Bequest — readers enjoyed the episode about it so much I decided to show the whole game.

Here’s an interview I did about Curious Expedition, the wonderful exploring roguelike by some former Spec Ops: The Line creators. I’m so excited about this game.

I was on MSNBC talking about that thing and having my name pronounced wrong.

I’m going to be the host of the Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast for a little while, which is super exciting! In our latest episode, we talk about the ‘dark net,’ creepypasta, the future of AI (scary) and more!

I interviewed two creators of new social issue games that tackle the challenges of standardized education and the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical industry.

At Ravishly, Jetta interviewed me about games, my books and my work, and what cocktails I would design for specific video game situations.

Finally, as I sometimes do, I tried to write about my most-loved video game, Metal Gear Solid 3, at VICE for its anniversary. I still never manage to say it all.