Perfect stealth

Would you like to hear me read a chapter from my new book, Clipping Through? My friend Ann Scantlebury of of RNIB Talking Book Studios had me around her recording space to read out loud! It was lots of fun, and now I have an audio chapter to give you. It’s the “Pigeon” chapter, which most people have told me is their favorite. I hope you enjoy hearing it.

It’s been a very busy month — I gave a talk at XOXO in Portland,  then went directly to Zurich to talk at Ludicious and serve on the international competition jury.  I didn’t know much about the Swiss game development scene til now — it’s unique to see an indie culture that’s sort of sprung up fully formed, as Switzerland has no heritage of traditional game studios. I spoke to some journalists there and learned the main gripe people have about Swiss indies is they care too much about art and not enough about making money. Interesting!

Of course, I wrote this, and then I was in TIME, and on Grantland’s amazing Girls in Hoodies podcast, and on National Public Radio, and of course I’m all finished talking about that.

Lo-Fi Let’s Plays continue every week at Rock Paper Shotgun — the latest one is the crude but pure Man-Eng, Master of Evil, although I’m pretty pleased with how the Neuromancer one served.

My Vice column continues; newest one is about the ‘self’ in games, and the unique sensation of watching my boyfriend make himself a very lovely Destiny avatar.

At Gamasutra, I spoke to Bennett Foddy about his 16-player deathmatch Speed Chess. As usual, he is full of great ideas — especially when it comes to what game designers can learn from the Momofuku cookbook.

With all these long flights, I finally had the time to invest in teaching myself Crusader Kings 2. I finally became the King of Ireland, which is immensely satisfying I also played through most of the endings for Hatoful Boyfriend — Laura Hudson’s piece on it says basically what I would say.

Merritt Kopas’ new little game Dee’s Big Night is great, especially with YOUR ASSHOLE DAD’S CASTLE IS BACK AGAIN as companion reading. The Lion’s Song is also a cute, atmospheric little work.

If there really was such a thing as universal collusion among the games press, I would hope it conspires to make Justin Smith’s Desert Golfing the game of the year 2014. Wouldn’t that just be the best, under the circumstances. It could happen.