The 2015 Farewell Tour

Well! We made it through 2015, everyone.

I had an amazing year. I gave talks all over the world, I hosted panels at IndieCade and GDC and spoke at PRACTICE, I launched Offworld, published a host of amazing people, I started writing fiction, I started running 10ks, and I got engaged. There’ll be some big changes ahead for me in the New Year and I can’t wait for them. But for now, I thought I’d real-quick round up some of the things I did this year that I’m proudest of:

MONA, a short story abut a creepy person, themed around Silent Hill 2 and illustrated by Emily Carroll

The New Intimacy Economy: The future dystopia isn’t a cold Orwellian nightmare, but a Lucky Charms hell-world of hearts, stars and overly-cozy apps

If you like that, you’ll like Monitor, my upcoming book in the Android universe that fleshes out some of the lore around NBN, the corporation I play in Netrunner. You don’t have to play Netrunner to appreciate the book, which is coming out hardcover and digitally early next year. MY FANFIC IS CANON NOW

I went on Antony Johnston’s Unjustly Maligned podcast to ‘defend’ the Twilight series. Yeah

I recorded this Lo-Fi Let’s Play of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego in a Helsinki airport on my way to Malta, while being tracked around the world by creeps on message boards

I gave a keynote at the University of Michigan School of Information’s John Seely Brown Symposium about the inherent value of non-commercial games. This is probably the best talk I’ve given and most perfectly expresses my view of the medium

I wrote about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a fascinating video game about video games, at VICE

At Wired, I took a swing at SXSW’s clueless brush with games culture, also it’s Diversity Paddock approach to fixing the problem

Why Bob Ross is the perfect let’s play-er, and how the late painter’s phenomenal outing on Twitch encapsulates the beauty of watching and learning

The clone that wasn’t: Can two game developers possibly have ‘just come up with’ the exact same idea?

One of my favorite creators of the year is Kitty Horrorshow. Here is why

My favorite game of the year is probably Wheels of Aurelia. Or Bloodborne, but I didn’t write anything about Bloodborne

All the women I know in video games are tired. On the complicated mantle of carrying this conversation

Everything else I wrote this year, from features to tiny discoveries, is here. When I read over it all I remember what it’s like to be filled with a defiant love for games — you know, the bold and the weird and the gentle ones — even still.

This New Year’s Eve I’ll be out in London with Rey hair and Furiosa face, wearing plastic-jeweled heels I brought back from India. Happy New Year to all of the makers and the readers, wherever you will be.