This Website Is Old And So Are You

Maintaining a personal website used to be something that everyone did — now thanks to social media it feels like a bizarre hold-over, an obligation I no longer relish. Please assume everything you see here is probably at least somewhat out of date. If you’re looking for a bio or a CV from me best to email leighalexander1 at gmail dot com and get the latest. Meanwhile:

My public Twitter and Facebook are still the best places to keep up on my work.

Follow my tech culture articles and podcasts at The Guardian; I contribute to a few different publications, like the wonderful How We Get To Next, via Medium so follow me there; I’m going to be writing about digital mysticism at VICE Motherboard, so bookmark this, and my first science fiction novella, set in the Android: Netrunner universe, is out now! You don’t have to be familiar with the game to enjoy it.

I have a small community-funded video project called Lo-Fi Let’s Play, which is about soft talking, keyboard tapping, and archaeologies of strange old computer games and obsolete design forms. Please consider helping me continue it.

I am also quietly doing a little bit of writing for games and other interactive projects so if you have the budget for a writer and you feel I might be a good fit, I would welcome your enquiry.

Other than that I no longer write about video games, really — Laura Hudson and I stopped working on my final alt games writing project, Offworld, at the beginning of 2016. We successfully fundraised a massive collection of our site’s best game criticism for backers earlier this year — the digital edition is out and the color hardcover will be coming soon to those who bought it.